Monday, December 30, 2013

Garage Door Controller Tutorial - Step 1 - Parts Gathering

Here are the parts:

BOM (Bill of Materials) in relation to above image:

A.N/A9V Switching power supplyPart# TOL-00298 @ Sparkfun.com1$5.95$5.95
B.N/AArduino Ethernet ShieldPart# 83-13141 @ MCMElectronics.com1$34.99$34.99
C.R2,R31/4W 10K resistorPart# CF14JT10K0CT @ Digikey.com2$.08$.16
D.R11/4W 220 OHM resistorPart# S220QCT @ Digikey.com1$.08$.08
E.R41/4W 1K resistorPart# CF14JT1K00CT @ Digikey.com1$.08$.08
F.IC128 pin IC SocketPart# 3M5480 @ Digikey.com1$.70$.70
G.IC1ATMega328 w/Arduino BootloaderPart# DEV-09217 @ Sparkfun.com1$5.50$5.50
H.U15VDC RelayPart# PB874 @ Digikey1$1.61$1.61
I.D1General Purpose 1N4004 DiodePart# 1N4004FSCT @ Digikey.com1$.18$.18
J.Y1Crystal 16MHzPart# X1103 @ Digikey.com1$.81$.81
K.C3,C422 pF Ceramic Disc CapacitorPart# 399-4344 @ Digikey.com2$.44$.88
L.C1,C210uF Electrolytic CapacitorPart# P5161 @ Digikey.com2$.20$.40
M.Q12N2222A TransistorPart# 497-3108-5 @ Digikey.com1$2.76$2.76
N.J2Power Jack 2.1mm x 5.5mmPart# CP-102A @ Digikey.com1$.92$.92
O.IC2Voltage Regulator 5VPart# 497-1443-5 @ Digikey.com1$.55$.55
P.LED1Basic LED (Red)Part# COM-00533 @ Sparkfun.com1$.35$.35
Q.X1-X4Screw Terminals (2 pos.)Part# ED2580 @ Digikey.com4$.42$1.68
R.J1Male breakaway headersPart# PRT-00116 @ Sparkfun.com1$1.50$1.50
S.N/AMagnet Cube (1/4")Part# COM-08643 @ Sparkfun.com1$1.50$1.50
T.N/AReed SwitchPart# COM-10601 @ Sparkfun.com1$1.95$1.95
U.N/APCBPart# GDC10PCB @ jamienerd.blogspot.com1$5$5

Total (before tax, S&H, etc.): $67.55

Prices tend to fluctuate a little bit, so don't be surprised if by the time you click those links, the prices aren't the exact same. (They may be a little higher or lower)

Technically, you will need a few extra things (you may already have some on hand), such as:

Wire (to run a couple of wires from your garage door controller to your actual garage door opener)
Electrical tape
Krazy Glue
Brackets and screws (to mount to your garage door for the reed switch and magnet)
Some Cat5/5e/6 network cable

And of course there are a few basic tools you're going to need:
Knife (or wire stripping/cutting tool)
Soldering iron
Small screwdriver

The 2 lists above are only a couple of general lists - what you will really need depends on the way you go about your project - you may need more or less tools/supplies.

You'll also need a way to program your microcontroller - an actual Arduino board would be an easy way.

If you want to save a little money, you could skip the screw terminals (Q). This would mean though that you would have to solder wires onto the PCB instead of having the convenience of having 'removable' wires. You could also technically skip the magnet cube (S), and reed switch (T) which is the 'sensor' that can tell you if your garage door is open or not. If you decide to skip those, the Android app would always show your garage door as 'open'. You should probably only skip this if you have another way of knowing the status of your garage door (camera, etc.).

I know this isn't the cheapest project, but to me, it's worth the awesomeness of being able to open/close your garage door with your Android cell phone/tablet! If you want some tips on how you can save yourself a little money, please check out my FAQ, under the 'Is there anything I can do to bring the total cost of the project down?' question

On the other hand, if you want to spend a little less time (but a bit more money), I have a few options in my store, including full assembled board, or a full kit, etc.

Once you have all your parts, let's continue to Step 2 - Soldering.

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