Sunday, June 5, 2016

Automatic Cat Feeder - New feature - Summer/Winter Mode

New feature - Summer Mode / Winter Mode

After getting tired of having to pull the chip off the board, bringing it inside, reprogramming it, bringing it back to the garage, and placing it back in it's place, etc., I added a new feature to this thing!

You see that little switch in the picture above (circled in red)? That is a little toggle switch I just added (along with the black wires, red wire, and resistor). When it's to the left, the device is in 'Summer Mode'. Switch it to the right, and it's in 'Winter Mode'. This allows you to have 2 different settings for amounts of food to be dispensed. Our boys don't eat as much in the Summer as they do the Winter, so in the Summer, their bowls were slowly filling up more and more from having 'Winter' settings still.

The little label below the circuit board that says 'SM WM' stands for 'Summer Mode' and 'Winter Mode'.

Here are my updated files:

Arduino code/sketch on GitHub
Fritzing file (actual .fzz)
Fritzing file, exported to .png image
Fritzing file, exported to .pdf file

One last note about this new feature - I also added code to show which mode it's in when you power up the device. So shortly after you plug it in:
LED A will blink 3 times to show that it is in Summer mode OR
LED B will blink 3 times to show that it is in Winter mode

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